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[Exhibition] Daegu Art Factory @Suchang

Daegu Art Factory @Suchang
The former KT&G building located in Suchang-dong, Daegu, has been remodeled and transformed into a space for exhibitions and artists’ residency, and had been renamed the Daegu Art Factory. To commemorate its opening, a cultural event, known as Daegu Art Factory@Suchang is being presented. During this event, seven projects overseen by seven directors will function interactively.

  Date : 2012. 11. 30 Fri ~ 2013. 4. 28 Sun
  Venue: Daegu Art Factory (Former KT&G)
  Hours : 10:00 ~ 18:00
  Admission : 09:30 ~ 17:30
  Ticket : None
  Close : Monday

The environs of Suchang-dong, where Daegu Art Factory is located, have historic and spatial significance for preserving the Korean cultural heritage in the face of modernization. Lee In-seong, and Lee Kuae-dae from Suchang Elementary School are representative figures of the Daegu modern art scene. Their influence remains one of the most precious assets of Korean Art, as well as an inspirational resource for young Korean artists. Daegu Art Factory is established on this spatial heritage in order to position itself at the core of the Korean art scene and the Daegu art scene in particular.

Though the exhibitions of experimental and creative projects displaying new attempts at art, the document project organized for the revival of Mangwondang, and the forums and lectures addressing the potential direction of art in the future, Daegu Art Factory which is expected to open formally in March of next year, will serve as an application of cultural resources and become a turning point of the up and coming art and culture scene in Daegu.

  Event Schedule

  Experimental Arts Project Part 1

Lifeness of Art

 - Director : Park Young Taek 

 - Date : 2012. 11.30 Fri ~2013. 2. 24 Sun 
 - Venue : DAF 1st, 3rd and 5th Floors. DAF Residence Studios on 4th Floor 

 - About the Program
 : This exhibition has been planned as a study of the forefront of the contemporary art scene in Korea. Apart from the rhetorical language applied in building visual art works, the selected works will present fresher styles, phraseology and manners of art creation.
Art works created with, similar designs to those of certain iconic merchandise (which is preferred in current art market), unsuitable applications of ideas, poor technical accomplishment and conventional manipulation of plastics, are avoided in this project. Art exhibitions today need to provide opportunities to draw unconventional deductions, and to search the alien intervention or possibility. In a departure from repetitive and decoratively-gestured art works, presenting visual art in a way which brings to light what's been unconsciously ignored and the least expected issues in a heretofore unseen style will single-handedly change people's lives.

Lifeness of Art / Eunhyung Kim
Lifeness of Art / Hyesun HWANNG

Real vs. Super Real
 - Director : Kim Young Dong
 - Date : 2012. 11. 30 Fri ~ 2013 2. 24 Sun
 - Venue : DAF 1st and 2nd Floors. 4th Floor of DAF Annex

 - About the Program 
 : The selected experimental art works of the young artists residing in Daegu area, will present the flourishing future of Daegu Art Scene. The existing idea in art is bound to be challenged and questioned by creative and experimental minds. The process of art creation requires the intervention of the act of imagination, while the creative mind faces the desperation of reality. The duality of the search for authenticity and amusement or reality and ideality, often found in diverse art works, results from this. The DAF project is set to introduce contemporary visual art and artists of a similar multidimensional form of creation, and, via the intention of each artwork, to identify the possibility of eventually gaining the sympathy of and building solidarity with the audience.

Real vs. Super Real / Sangwoo KEEM
Real vs. Super Real / Heesoo Kim

* Courtesy of Daegu Art Factory



  Daegu Art Factory (Former KT&G)
  Address: 700-850 Dalseong-ro 22-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu (58-2, Suchang-dong)

  - Bus
    Do-won APT: 101, 101-1, 420, 420-1, 618, 808, Buk-gu2
    Suchang Elementary School: 300, 414, 427, 808, 836, 939, Dong-gu2, Buk-gu2, Buk-gu3
    Gyeong-jin Tech-vile: 651, 653

  - Subway
     Visitors may walk to the Taepyeong Sam-ga cross road from Daegu station, 

     or transfer to the buses above at the Daegu station.

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