Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[Tour] Daegu City Tour Double-Ddecker Bus!

Daegu City Tour Double-Decker Bus

Take Daegu city's double decker bus and visit major attractions in Daegu more comfortably! Compared to regular city tour bus, this double decker bus is more flexible and comfortable because you can get off at any stop that you want and then get on the next bus after you enjoy sightseeing there during the circulation time. Enjoy sightseeing in Daegu!

1. Operation Information

Run all the year round/ regular service on holidays(Off on Mondays).
   However, this can be changed due to the weather or road conditions, if it's absolutely necessary.


2. Operation Time

10:00 ~ 18:00 (run every two hours, four times per day) 

3. Boarding Information

The first starting point is Dongdaegu Station. Travelers can get on the bus by order of arrival at an intermediate station. 
   Please understand that foods cannot be carried onto the bus.

4. Operation Course

Total: 36.1km (Operation Hours: About 2 Hours) 

Dongdaegu Station(Departure) - Daegu Opera House - Jungangno(Gyeongsang Gamyeeong Park) - Yakryungsi South Gate - Medical Missionary Museum - Duryu Park(E-world) - Soemun Market - 2ㆍ28 Memorial Park - Gukchaebosang Memorial Park(Novotel) - Grand Hotel(Beomeo World Plaza) - Dusan Ogeori (Suseong Lake) - Daegu National Museum - Hotel Interbulgo Daegu - Dongdaegu Station (Arrival)

Daegu City Tour Double-deckers circulate through 10 stops from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., 
   and you can get off any stop that you want and then get on the next bus after you enjoy sightseeing there.

5. Fare Information

    * Fare Discounts: Seniors, Elementary School Students, Men of National Merit, The handicapped 

      - Applied at 40% Discount of Regular Fare

* For more information: http://www.daegucitytour.or.kr/

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