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[Event] 2012 Christmas Events in Daegu!

2012 Christmas Events in Daegu

Have anything special to do during Christmas holiday?! For those who don’t know what to do on Christmas, I made a list of the Christmas events in Daegu! Enjoy Christmas in Daegu everyone! 

  Herb Hillz

Herb Hillz is an eco-theme park with special events and programs related to nature. Herb Hillz is not only famous for the summer resort but also famous for winter activity with a sledge park and ice festival. In addition to that, there are lots of rides and attractions such as bumper cars, a swinging ship, a family-oriented zoo, and a variety of cute stores.

 ★ Making Christmas Cake in Herb Hillz

    You can make your own Christmas cake with cookie decorations in herb hillz!

Photo courtesy of Herbhillz Webpage
Photo courtesy of Herbhillz Webpage

   ● Period? 2012. 12. 22 ~ 12. 25

   ● Price? 30,000w (admission tickets for 2 people, cake ingredients, 2 drinks) 
   ● Inquiry and reservation? 053-767-6342


E World is an European-style theme park which has lots of rides, exhibitions and performances and various restaurants that all generations can enjoy. During the winter, people enjoy a snow sleigh and other winter festivals. Enjoy Christmas events and festivals in the European theme park in Daegu!

Photo courtesy of E-world Webpage

 ★ White Christmas In E-world

    It will snow in E world during the Christmas season!  
   ● Period? 2012. 12. 22 ~ 12. 25
   ● Where? E-world Central Zone, Entrance Zone

 ★ Mr. Santa Competition!

    If you pass three missions of Mr. Santa Competition, you will win the free pass of E-world!

   ● Period? 2012. 12. 22 ~ 12. 25 (2pm, 4:30pm)
   ● Where? E-world Waterfall Zone 
   ● Winning prize? E-world Free pass

  Daegu Bank wish tunnel event

Daegu Bank displayed huge Christmas ornaments in front of the bank square and will provide hot teas and Eomuk(fish cakes) to visitors on December 24th from 6pm to 9pm. If you have a chance to pass by the Daegu Bank, feel free to get free food and take pictures with the beautiful Christmas decorations. You can also post your new year’s wish on the wish board. 

Photo courtesy of Daegu City Government Blog
Photo courtesy of Daegu City Government Blog

  ● When? 2012. 12. 24 (6pm~8pm) 
  ● Where? Daegu Bank Head Office (Suseonggu)

  Daegu Solo Daecheop Event

Solo Daecheop is a guerrilla meeting on Christmas Eve. People who don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend meet in the park and find their mate. This event will be held in 15 cities in Korea. It will be a huge social event!

   ● When? 2012. 12. 24 (5pm~8pm) 
   ● Where? Gukchaebosang Memorial Park

* Click here to find where to feel the Christmas atmosphere in Daegu.


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