Thursday, November 22, 2012

[Exhibition] Daegu Art Museum’s Special Exhibition, Dislocation

Daegu Art Museum’s Special Exhibition


November 20. 2012 ~ Febreury 11. 2013
Various Artists

Dislocation is an exhibition displaying multifarious arts of our age and their aesthetic features. The word ‘dislocation’ has a Latin origin meaning deviation, deconstruction, and separation, and in this exhibition it refers to new art with the concept of deconstructing previous art. The 11 participating artists, all of Korean descent, are emerging as representative artists amid the proliferation of information and globalization, after Korea’s democratization and industrialization. The artists are, on average, in their mid-40s. Growing into mid-career artists spearheading the art scene and new trends in art, these artists stimulate understanding of and communication among people around the world with works lending a global sensibility to Korean emotion. As nomads of the global village, they mostly work without staying in one place, relishing global cultures.


Art today is not only what an artist sees or feels. A work of art today reflects the frame of sense and thought an artist and his or her contemporaries share, encompassing imaginary structures. Art in our era tries to return to our familiar daily life and communicate with society, seriously considering extensive issues on society and life, away from the obsession of art for art’s sake. Consequently, art has become more liberal than before, and we are able to enjoy diverse, humanistic art. Whereas viewers are invited as creators who complete unfinished works, works of art have become devices enabling the viewer to discover new meaning and to look back on themselves. Artworks today are ‘always becoming anew’.

Things Of Friendship-KMIO

The 11 participants present another role of art as a means to find our true self and identity, extensively experiencing and experimenting with a wide variety of genres and forms rather than sticking to art’s formal consistency, joining a creative moment as a moment of our lives.

What I See (Rooftop Antenna,Williamsburg Saving Bank, Sky Like anOcean, 3rd Ave., Brooklyn)

  * Artists: Byron Kim, Haegue Yang, Sook Jin Jo, Han Sungpil, Inhwan Oh, Koo Jeong A, YOON Hyang-Lan, Soonja Han, 

                  Unkyung Hur, Yeondoo Jung

<Courtesy by Daegu Art Museum>

   Admission guide 

> Viewing hours

- April to October (10AM ~ 7PM)
- November to March of Following Year (10AM ~ 6PM)
- Off Days (Every Monday)
If a national holiday falls on Monday, the museum will be open but closed the following day.

> Viewing Rate

- Children and Teenagers (7~19), Soldiers Individual: 700 Won / Group(20 or more): 500 Won
- Adults Individual: 1,000 Won / Group(20 or more): 700 Won
- Elders 65 or above and disabled people: Free
- Children who are 6 or under: Free


> Subway

Free shuttle bus to the museum is available every 30 minutes at exit 5 of Daegu Grand Park Station on line2.

> Bus

- 604: Seolhwaodng-Seobu Bus Stop-Nambu Pilice Station, Beommuldong-Daegu Art Hall-Donghodong
- 403: Joyadong-Suseonggyo-Beommuldong-Front of Daedeok Village-Samdeokdong-Stadium-Sawoldong

10 minutes on foot after getting off at Front of Daedeok Village or Samdeokdong Bus Stop
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