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[Accommodation] Daegu guest house 1_Danim Backpackers

Guest House in Daegu #1_Danim Backpackers

If you want to discover the hospitality of Daegu, guest house will be the perfect starting point. There aren’t many guest houses in Daegu compared to other big cities in Korea but in 2011 when the world athletic championship was held in Daegu, guest houses started to appear to accommodate overflow tourists in Daegu. Today, I will introduce one of the guest houses in Daegu. 

Located in the quiet but yet central area of Daegu, Danim Backpackers is easy to access from both red and green subway line. Danim named after the Korean word ‘다니다(Da Ni Da)’ which means traveling.

It was in a quiet residential area. The sign was a bit small but I could recognize it from far away. I entered through the small gate next to the chicken restaurant as you see in the picture and went up the stairs to get to the guest house located on the second floor. Self introduction of him on the house door looked interesting.

The owner Seongbin Lee warmly welcomed me. Inside of the house had a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

I found the traces left by visitors from all over the world.

He opened the guest house in Daegu based on his experience that he learnt while traveling around the world. He suggest foreign tourists to experience traditional markets in Daegu and taste street food such as Ddeokboki and visit local eatery food streets because that’s the very way to experience and feel real Daegu. He said the most important role of guest house is making visitors come back to the city again by stressing the importance of 'Jeong'(정/情) which Daegu people have. 

Danim Backpackers is not just accommodation. 

You will experience more than you expected at Danim Backpackers.

  Danim Backpackers

  ● Address: 135-9 2nd Floor, Bongsandong Jungu, Daegu, South Korea
  ● Facilities: standard 6 bed mixed dorm and 6 bed female dorm, 1 bathroom, 2 shower rooms and 1 kitchen 
  ● Costs: 20,000w ~ 22,000w 
  ● Included: BBQ(on top of the building), Place, Board games, Cable TV, Fax Service, 
     Free City Maps, Free Internet Access and WiFi, Free Parking, Hairdryers, Hot Showers,
     Laundry Facilities, Lockers, Luggage Storage, Towels, Breakfast, coffee and tea all day long
  ● Inquiries: 070-7532-9119

  ● Click here for making a reservation
    : http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Danim-Backpackers/Daegu/52427?dateFrom=28+Nov+2012&dateTo=01+Dec+2012&sc_sau=avdc&sc_pos=1

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