Thursday, November 15, 2012

[Food] Bukseongno Udong and Bulgogi Street

Bukseongno Udon and Bulgogi Street

What place comes up in your mind when you want to eat heartily with little money? For me, it’s
Bukseongno Udon and Bulgogi Street! Bukseongno bulgogi is one of the Daegu's representative foods that have the modern history of Daegu.


Quiet streets of industrial tools center start to buzz in the evenings. Shops located in the streets sell industrial tools during the daytime and when they are closed, vendors start to pop up into the streets.

To get there, take 651, 653 and get off at Gyeongjin Techville bus stop.

When you get to the streets, choose one of the vendors and sit down at the table. One of the restaurant employees will follow you and serve side dishes and free soda.

There are only 2 menus in Bukseongro Food Stall Street. They are udon and charcoal-grilled pork bulgogi. 

Menu & Price

- Bulgogi: X-Large 20,000w / Large 15,000w
/ Regular 10,000w / Small 5,000w
- Spicy Bulgogi: Large 20,000w / Regular 10,000w
- Udon: 3,000w
- Udon & Bulgogi Set(per person): 5,000w

I ordered small size bulgogi plate and two Udons for me and my friend. The small plate was not very filling, so I suggest you to order bigger one.  

The pork bulgogi offers special charcoal-grilled taste. This special taste was actually developed out of need. The street food stalls could not afford to use electricity or gasoline, so they settled with the alternative; briquettes, blocks of compressed charcoal. This turned out pretty well, enhancing the flavor of the pork bulgogi. Each shop cooks pork bulgogi in more or less similar ways, but their popularity varies depending on the atmosphere and sauce taste.

You will see some interesting signs when you visit this kind of vendors in Korea. This sign means you need to get your own water


and this sign means cash only.

Bukseongno bulgogi is especially good when the weather cools. Refreshing and spicy udon soup with soju will warm you up!


● Address 
   Bukseongro 2-ga, Joong-gu, Daegu

● Bus

  Take 651, 653 and get off at Gyeongjin Techvill bus stop.

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