Monday, November 19, 2012

[Tour] Beauty shops in Daegu!

Daegu Beauty Tour

Daegu has been called ‘town of beautiful ladies’. If you walk along Dongseongno, the central shopping district of Daegu, you will naturally realize why Daegu is called the 'town of beautiful ladies'. There have been a great number of Miss Korea winners from Daegu second only to Seoul, and most entertainers from Daegu are actors. This clearly shows that the phrase ‘Daegu is the town of beautiful ladies’ is quite true.

< Hair shop in Daegu >
< Hair shop in Daegu >


The beauty service industry, which began when some prestigious beauty parlors led various beauty pageants, was extended to hair, makeup, nail art and skin care, resulting in mutual competition. The high level of skills, outstanding facilities, and their service-oriented mind-se t made Daegu what it is today, the mecca of the beauty service industry. 

< Nail shop in Daegu >
< Skin & Spa shop in Daegu >

There are many excellent beauty shops at Donseongro, Jung-gu, Daegu, the town of beauty, and near the tourist hotels where foreigners stay. Among them, the leading beauty shops representing the local community will provide domestic and foreign tourists visiting Daegu with high-quality beauty service and new beauty tour contents, thereby contributing to the promotion of the tourist industry. If you visit Kore, you should experience Daegu's superior beauty industry! Check each beauty shop information below.

1. OhMooSun Beauty Salon – DEBEC / 82-53-426-5656
2. Amaranth Beauty Line / 82-53-427-4778
3. LEEA / 82-53-428-1312
4. Beauty Salon SEOK / 82-53-424-7576
5. Skincare5000& Diet / 82-53-252-0003
6. NAVI Aesthetic / 82-53-421-3363
7. Sun Skin Care / 82-53-424-3390
8. Shangpree Spa / 82-53-253-1646
9. PSC Hair Studio / 82-53-428-1316
10. Aqua Hair / 82-53-427-4347
11. Talent Hair / 82-53-427-8697
12. Hair Maison / 82-53-255-1432
13. Mods Hair / 82-53-421-5885
14. eSkincare / 82-53-428-2580
15. Queen Gain / 82-53-421-8787
16. T&k Hair Salon / 82-53-256-5115
17. Gold Biga / 82-53-257-3399
18. Hollywood Hairshop / 82-53-252-0806
19. JU Nail / 82-53-422-4179
20. Spa & Relax / 80-53-660-1888
21. Spic Lim Hair & Spa / 82-53-257-8845
22. Sunwoo Total Care / 82-53-763-7579
23. OhMooSun Beauty Salon – BEOMEO / 82-53-762-3223
24. KimHyunJung Aesthetic / 82-53-768-3510
25. WhiteFace PrettyForm / 82-53-242-4901
26. Ahn Young Hee Beauty shop / 82-53-761-1521
27. Inter-Burgo Total Beauty Center / 82-53-602-7294
28. KTJ Beauty Shop / 82-53-752-7670

 * How to use beauty shops and make a reservation?

  ● Make a reservation online:  
  ● Inquiries: 053-425-8252


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