Thursday, October 11, 2012

[Tour] Places to hang out around the Daegu Stadium


Places to  hang out around the Daegu Stadium

I’ve heard that many people are looking forward to coming to the opening ceremony (where Psy’s concert will be held) of the 93rd National Sports Festival! I am also very excited to see the event! For the people who are planning to come to Daegu Stadium early and want to hang out before the event, I suggest you to look around these places!

   Color Square 

Color Square is a multi-complex shopping mall which have various culture, relaxation and shopping areas. If you are hungry, I suggest you to visit a big food court on the first floor of the mall. This food court offers a wide choice of food with reasonable prices.

 : Directions

   Daegu Art Museum 

If you still have time, how about visiting Daegu Art Museum? You can take a free shuttle bus across the Homeplus(Part of the Color Square). The bus runs at 30 minutes intervals.

 : Viewing hours

- April to October (10AM ~ 7PM)
- November to March of Following Year (10AM ~ 6PM)
- Off Days (Every Monday)
If a national holiday falls on Monday, the museum will be open but closed the following day.

 : Viewing Rate

- Children and Teenagers (7~19), Soldiers Individual: 700 Won / Group(20 or more): 500 Won
- Adults Individual: 1,000 Won / Group(20 or more): 700 Won
- Elders 65 or above and disabled people: Free
- Children who are 6 or under: Free

 : Direction

 <Source: Daegu Art Musium>

   Woodland path in Daegu Stadium area 

There’s a woodland path near Daegu stadium. It’s a wide land filled with sunshine and decorated by leafy trees from side to side through the path. I may say it’s a masterpiece. 
It’s perfect place to enjoy daytime with walking around, sitting and reading a book, and so on. The flowers along the path are also fabulous. Why don’t you guys go and admire the scenery of woodland path where you can have perfect weekend in perfect peace.

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