Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Tour] Mt. Palgong Cable Car

Enjoy Autumn Foliage in Mt. Palgong
Mt. Palgong Cable Car

Last weekend, I went up the Mt. Palgong by Cable car. Taking a cable car is the easiest way to enjoy foliage view at the top of the Mt. Palgong. 

To ride a cable car, I took Rapid 1 Bus and got off at Donghwasa Area Bus stop which is the last stop. Palgong1, Palgong3 and Rapid 1 go near cable car platform. You should remember that Palgong 3 only runs on sundays and holidays from March to November.

When I walked up the incline to get to the Cable Car platform, I saw restaurants and motels located each side of the uphill.

I was able to see many beautiful trees changing their colors to yellow and red on my way

Almost at the end of the uphill road, there was a sign telling me that I almost get to the Platform and I saw the entrance at the end of the stairs.

There were already many people waiting for the cable cars although it was early.

Operation hours of the cable car are from 10am to 6pm, but during the winter season it runs till 5 pm. Adult's ticket price was 8,000 KRW for round trip, 5,000 KRW for one way. Children's ticket costs 5,000 KRW for round trip, and 3,000 KRW for one-way.

If you visit here again within 6 month and show your ticket at the ticket box, you will get 20 % discount for the next purchase.

The cable car went to an elevation of 820 meters and it took about 7 minutes to get to the top. I was able to appreciate beautiful autumn scenery while I was moving up, the leaves were not fully changed their colors to red yet though. You will be able to see the mountain in its fall finery during this week.

I saw a resting place called Mountain Blue after I got off the cable car. First floor was open for visitors. Some people were eating and taking a rest peacefully at the outdoor tables. 

The second floor was a restaurant. I’ve heard seafood pancake (해물파전) and Tofu Kimchi(두부김치) are good here. If you are planning to eat something, I suggest you to eat them with dongdongju(suspended rice-wine)! They sell coffees, teas, and other drinks as well.

A wide prospect burst upon my view as I came out of the resting place and a cool breeze  made me feel refreshed.

There were romantic trails called ‘Love Roads’ at the top of the cable car. The trails were divided into four different concepts of love. On each road, there were fences where you can hang a padlock in order to wish for endless love. If you want to hang your own padlocks, you can buy them on the first floor of Mountain Blue.

I looked around the area for a few hours and then got into a descending cable car. It was a pleasant journey.


   ● Bus

     - Take Palgong1, Palgong3 or Rapid 1 and get off at Donghwasa Area Bus stop.
     - Follow the red line on the map to get to the Cable Car Platform.

* Click here to get the information of Mt. Palgong Autumn Foliage Festival

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Unknown said...

Dear DG travel friend,
4 of us from Singapore will be visiting the Palgongsan area between 29.10.14 and 31.10.14.
If you can provide me with the details and programme of the Mt. Palgong Autumn foliage festival, we hope to join in some of the events. Thank You.
Alan Ho