Friday, October 5, 2012

[Festival] 2012 Suseong Festival_Event Schedule

2012 Suseong Festival

● When? 2012. 10. 05 (Fri) ~ 10. 07 (Sun)
Where? Suseong Land (Suseong lake area)

2012 Suseong Festival Event Schedule!

2012 Suseong Festival event schedule is here for foreign visitors!
Enjoy the Festival!

   Yellow Stage 
: Dance Festival (Various dance performances will be held)

   Green Stage 
: Music Festival (Various music concerts will be held)

   Red Stage 
: Rock Festival (Exciting rock concerts will be held for young people)

   Blue Stage 
: Opening and closing ceremonies
will be held here. Other small events will be held as well.

   White Stage 1 , 2 
: Road arts, Street dance, Mime, Juggling and other music performances will be held here.

: Amateur painting exhibitions and photo exhibitions.


   Hands-on Experience 
:Various hands-on experience programs are prepared at each venue.

   Additional Events 
For additional event,s flea market and screening events are prepared. 


   Special Event 
Making 1km-long Kimbap at the Deulangil Restaurant Row

   ● You can register on the spot after 1:00pm

*Click here to get the general information of the 2012 Suseong Festival!

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