Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[Exhibition] Daegu National Museum's Special Exhibitions

Daegu National Museum's Special Exhibitions

I will introduce Daegu National Museum's special exhibitions that show the history of South Korea. You will see the turbulent times of Korea’s past through these two exhibitions.

重重 Project: Military Sexual Slavery by Japan During the Second World War

September 19th (Wed) ~ November 4th (Sun)
Project GalleryⅠ, Daegu National Museum

The survived Korean Women who had left in China-Military Sexual Slavery by Japan.

  ● The Photograph Exhibition
     : In order to inform a wider range of the public of the actual conditions of the survived comfort women throughout photograph exhibitions we are making plans below.

     - Urban tours of more than 10 cities in Japan (Tokyo, Hiroshima, Sapporo etc.)
     - Overseas such as Seoul, New York, Paris, London, Berlin etc.

  ● The Lectures
     : This consists of several ways.
     - We are to inform the public of their doings and verbal testimony throughout lectures.
     - Photographers who have been working with those 'Comfort Women' are to present their works.
     - We are to tell the youth about the truth that has never been on the history textbooks.

  ● The History Lessons
     : Photographs are the art and at the same time the historical document.
     - We continue to record the current lives of those victimized women.
     - We are to document activities for solving the issue of 'Comfort Women' that is currently proceeding.
     - We plan to offer various meetings between the comfort women and the public for keeping their memory.

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Korea in Turbulence: As seen by the AP

September 19th (Wed) ~ October 21st (Sun)
Project Gallery Ⅱ, Daegu National Museum

Daegu National Museum proudly presents “Korean in Turbulence: As seen by the AP.” 
This special exhibition, prepared in collaboration with the Associated Press and The Seoul Museum of History, showcases remarkable photographs of Korea from the National Liberation in 1945 to the April Revolution in 1960. The powerful images of the Associated Press reproduce critical moments in Korea’s modern history from the perspective of a foreign press. You are cordially invited to this rare opportunity to personally experience and reflect upon the significance of these turbulent times of Korea’s past.

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   Admission guide 

  ● Viewing Hours

     - Weekdays: 9am ~ 6pm
     - Saturdays: 9am ~ 7pm (From April to October it opens at night (6pm ~ 9pm) on every Saturday)
     - Sundays/holidays: 9am ~ 7pm
     - Off days: Every Monday, first day of the year.

  ● Admission fee is free.


    - 321 Cheongho-ro (70 Hwanggeum-dong) Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea  

    - Get off at Manchon Station (line2) and take one the buses below at the exit 3  

  ● Bus
    - Circular 3, Circular 3-1, Suseong1, Suseong 1-1, 100, 100-1, 349, 414, 414-1, 427, 449

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