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[Tour] Daegu City Tour Schedule for October

Daegu City Tour Schedule
for October

A. Schedule(course) & Departing venue: Please refer to the schedule below.
B. Inquiry & Answer: Samsung Plus Tour 053-627-8900/053-794-8700                      
C. The following Schedule will change according to the circumstances, please be sure to check before making a reservation.

Mt.Palgong circulation -> departure from Dongdaegu Station

* Course: Mt.Palgong Circulation Bus  

* Date: Runs Daily (01.02~12.31)
            (But, no service on every Monday, New Year, Thanks Giving day)

DongDaegu Station→Daegu Airport→Bullo-Dong Tombs Park →BongMu Park→Historic site of  General Sin sung-gyeom→Guam FarmStay→Gatbawi→Bangjja Brassware Museum→Donghwa temple(Donghwamun)→Donghwa facility complex →Daegu Safety Theme Park→Palgong Hot Spring Hotel→Donghwa facility complex→Donghwa temple(Donghwamun)→Bangjja Brassware Museum→Guam FarmStay →Historic site of  General Sin sung-gyeom→BongMu Park→Bullo-Dong Tombs Park →Daegu Aorport →Dongdaegu Station      


Theme Tour -> Depart from Banwoldang

* Picking up an Apple / (10/6-Sat)
  : Dodong orientalis forest→Tombs bulrodong
Guam FarmStay→Dunsandong Gyeongju Choi' head family

* Shooting Range (10/7-sun)   
  : Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine MuseumDaegu HyanggyoDaegu Shooting Range 

* Making a flowerport / (10/20-Sat)    
  : Positive copper petroglyphDaegaya Museum→Head house of Kim Jong Jik→making a flowerport

* Making a bean curd / (
  : DISEGuam FarmStay→Dunsandong Gyeongju Choi' head family

* Making a Wood-insect / (
  : Nokdong-seowon→Daegu Sports Museum→Daegu-Virtual Sports Theme Park→ Daegu Ecology Center

* Making a Kite / (
  : Positive copper petroglyphDaegaya Museum→Head house of Kim Jong Jik→making a Kite

Regular tour -> Banwoldang departure

* Course 2: 10/1(Mon), 8(Mon), 13(Sat), 15(Mon), 22(Mon), 24(Wed), 29(Mon)

12 Distinguished Hyeonpung Gwaks' Shrine → Dodong-seowon Confucian Academy  → Mt.biseulsan Natural forest Resort → General Yu Chi-gon's Memorial → Hyeonpung Ice Storage → Dodong library

* Course 3: 10/2(Tue), 9(Tue), 14(Sun), 16(Tue), 23(Tue), 30(Tue)

Wolgok History Museum→Daegu Arboretum→Hwawon Resort→Dalseong Weir

* Course 4: 10/3(Wed), 10(Wed), 17(Wed), 24(Wed), 31(Wed)

Nokdong-seowon→Herb Hills→Daegu World Cup Stadium→Herb Hills→Dunsandong Gyeongju Choi' head family

* Course 5: 10/4(Thu), 11(Thu), 18(Thu), 20(Sat), 25(Thu), 27(Sat)

Haengso Museum→Hanhakchon(Traditional Village)→Munsan Water Purification Plant
→Gangjeong Weir

* Course 6: 10/5(Fri), 12(Fri), 19(Fri), 21(Sun), 26(Fri), 28(Sun)

Medical Missionary Museum→Currency Museum→Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Museum→Daegu Hyanggyo→Daegu National Museum

Registration is available at http://www.daegucitytour.com or Call 053-627-8900.

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