Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Festival] 2012 Colorful Daegu Festival!

2012 Colorful Daegu Festival

2012 Colorful Daegu Festival just started today! 
Check the program schedule of the festival and enjoy them! :D
 ● Date: 2012. 10. 10(Wed) ~ 10. 16(Tue) <7days> 
 ● Venue: Jungangno, 2.28 Memorial Park, Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park, Dongseongn
 ● Theme: Color, enjoy the festival! 
 ● Host: Daegu Metropolitan City 
 ● Supervise: Daegu Cultural Foundation, The office of 2012 Colorful Daegu Festival

* Click here to see the schedule of each program

Colorful Parade

   ● Date & Time: 2012. 10. 13 (Sat) / 18:30~21:30
   ● Venue: 2.28 Memorial Park~Daebec Square~Jungang Police Box~Jungang Intersection

People wearing costumes will march in the parade. Come and watch the colorful parade of creative people in Daegu!

Colorful Tonight

   Date & Time: 2012. 10. 14(Sun) / 19:30~22:30
   ● Venue: Banwoldang Intersection~Jungangno Intersection

Hello hot people?! Come to Colorful Tonight! Everyone gathered here is trend setter!! Mega fashion performances will be taken place from Banwoldang Intersection to Jungangno Intersection. Are you ready to enjoy the colorful fashion performance with exciting rhythm?

Colorful Flash Mob

   Date & Time: 2012. 10. 10(Wed) ~ 10. 16(Tue) / 17:30~21:30
   ● Venue: Around Jungangno and Dongseongno

People will gather in downtown Daegu and dance with the parody song of Gangnam style, Color Style. You will stumble upon the flash mob group while you are walking around Downtown during the festival.

Color Square

   ● Date & Time: 2012. 10. 10(Wed) ~ 10. 16(Tue) / 17:00~22:00
   ● Venue: Jungang Police Box Square

Don’t know where to visit and what to see? Visit Color Square before you enjoy the festival! Color Square is the Information center for the Colorful Daegu Festival. We will help you to find more fun at the festival. Oh! Don’t miss the performances around the Square! ;)

♬ Coloring the street [Chalk Art]

   ● Date & Time: 2012. 10. 13(Sat)~10. 14(Sun) / 13:00~18:00
   ● Venue: Jungangno Intersection ~ Daegu Station Intersection

Art starts from your hands. Everyone will be an artist here! Fill the street with your imagination. Why don’t you show off your artistic sense?

A journey to Art

   ● Date & Time: 2012. 10. 10(Wed)~10. 16(Tue) / 16:00~20:00
   ● Venue: 2.28 Memorial Park

Enjoy different performances every day. You will see a wide range of art performances from classic music concert to the passionate b-boy performances. Appreciate installation arts all around the park.

Art on the road

   ● Date & Time: 2012. 10. 10(Wed)~10. 16(Tue) / 16:00~20:00
   ● Venue: Jungangno Intersection~Daegu Station Intersection

Streets in downtown will be covered with exciting and fun performances. Mimes and street plays will catch your eyes. Art stages are open to everyone!

Korean Classical Music Performance

   ● Date & Time: 2012. 10. 10(Wed)~10. 16(Tue) / 18:00~20:00
   ● Venue: Gyeongsanggamyeong Park

Korean Classical Music Performance will be performed in the romantic windy autumn night. Listen to the music under the shinning moonlight. It will touch your heart. 

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