Monday, October 29, 2012

[Exhibition] 2012 Chrysanthemum Flower Show

2012 Chrysanthemum Flower Show

Daegu Arboretum is filled with the fragrance of chrysanthemum now!  

2012 Chrysanthemum Flower Show will take place from today till November 11th!

- When? October 29th ~ November 11th
- Where? Daegu Arboretum


There will be about 10, 000 chrysanthemums ornaments and decorations all around the arboretum! Especially photo zone is the most popular spot during the festival!

 Many people take pictures in front of huge flower ornaments.

Also, the arboretum offers several trail routes and has large grassed areas, which are great advantages for having a picnic or just relaxing. How about enjoying fall foliage walking along the beautiful trails or sitting on the grassed areas.

Ponds with aquatic lives and groves with various kinds of trees are another attraction. Enjoy beautiful chrysanthemums and fall foliage at daegu arboretum!

  Admission Guide 

  ● Open hours: 9AM ~ 6PM
  ● Free Admission and Parking


  ● Address
    - 284 Daegok-dong (342 Hwaam-ro), Dalseo-gu, Daegu, South Korea

  ● Subway 
    - Take Subway line1 and get off at Daegok Station. Take exit 3.

  ● Bus
     - 604, 600, 609, 623, 650, 651, 655, 836, Dalseong1, Dalseong2, Dalseong5, Dalseo1, Dalseo3, Seongseo1, Seongseo1-1

   ● Map

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