Thursday, September 13, 2012

[Tour] Autumn Travel_Yugasa Temple, Mt. Biseul

Hiking Mt. Biseul - YugasaTemple

Summer has passed and autumn is in the air! 

Autumn is the best season for traveling in Korea. Especially late summer and Autumn is an ideal season for hiking! For those of you interested in hiking in Daegu, I will introduce Yugasa Temple in Mt. Biseul that will give you a serene beauty.

To get to Yugasa, I used an intercity bus since I live near Seobu Bus terminal. Another way to get to Yugasa is taking Dalseong 5 and 600 buses near Daegok Subway Station. I recommend you to use an intercity bus to get to Yugasa, if you live outside of Daegu.

I arrived at Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal early in the morning to get on the first bus leaving at 6:30am. To get to Yugasa, you should take a bus towards Guji, I bang or Uiryeong and get off at Hyeonpung Intercity Bus Station. At the ticket window, simply say "Hyeonpung ganeun Pyo Juseyo." which means I want a bus ticket to Hyeonpung.

Please refer to this article to get more information about using Seobu Bus Terminal.

It takes about thirty minutes from Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal to Hyeonpung Intercity Bus Station. From there, transfer to Dalseong 5 or 600 and get off at  Yugasa Bus Stop

Luckily, I could get on Dalseong 5 bus as soon as I got off the intercity bus. When you take a taxi, it takes about ten to fifteen minutes and it will cost around 6,000KRW.

You'd better check the bus schedule on weekdays because the buses run only ten times a day during weekdays. According to the time table of the bus, weekday buses leave at 7:40 - 9:00 -11:00 - 12:10 - 14:20 - 15:20 - 17:50 - 18:40 - 21:00. (There are more buses on weekends!)

The sun was shining
brightly through the bus window and the scenery of suburb area was beautiful. It was a tranquil and peaceful morning!

On the way to Yugasa from the Bus stop, I found some beautiful wild flowers that are a sign of Autumn.

Yugasa Temple is located deep in the valley of Mt. Biseulsan and that's why it is a good place for meditation due to its quietness. Various shapes of peaks and rock cliffs surround the temple like a screen and give a serene beauty

Inside of the Temple was very quiet and calm and orange roof shined beautifully as it reflects sunlight.  

A temple through the arched gate looked mysterious and a rock wall along the stairs was harmoniously designed! 

If you were looking for a serene beauty, how about visiting Yugasa this weekend? 
Next time, I will introduce the trail courses of Mt. Biseulsan! See you then!

>> How to get there?

Intra-city Bus 
    : Daegok Station (Subway line1) - Take exit no 1 and go to a bus stop – Take Dalseong 5 or 600 bus – Get off at Yugasa Bus Stop

Intercity bus 
   : Daegu Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal- Hyeonpung Intercity Bus Termminal – Take Dalseong 5 or 600 bus – Get off at Yugasa Bus Stop

Search Bus Route here!
    (Type Dalseong 5 or 600 and press Search Button.)

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