Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[Food] Unique and exotic foods in Daegu

Unique and exotic foods in Daegu 

Autumn is around the corner! For those who are not ready for autumn yet, I am going to introduce the last summer foods in Daegu. These foods are very special since you cannot try them anywhere. Hope you enjoy the last summer with these exotic summer foods!

  1. Chogyetang 

Located in Bongdeokdong, Daedonggang is a North Korean food restaurant having fifty-year-old tradition. The representative North Korean food of this restaurant is Chogyetang, a chilled chicken soup. The name comes from the soup’s main seasoning of vinegar and mustard. It’s also served as a Chogyemuchim, seasoned chicken without soup.

There are two different styles of seats in the restaurant. If you don’t like Korean style table, choose to seat on the western style table.

This is Chogyetang. Chilled tangy broth with well seasoned chicken makes it a great dish that is sure to revive your appetite on a hot summer day. The buckwheat noodle added to the soup also goes very well with the soup and chicken.

People whose hometown is North Korea often visit Daedonggang when they feel homesick or want to taste home food. The amount of the food will satisfy you as well as the good taste.

If you want to eat appetizer before the main food, why don’t you order bindaetteok (Mung Bean Pancake)? This will make you feel like drinking Makgeolli as well!

To get there, take subway line no1 and take off at Yeongnam University Hospital station and take exit 2. It takes 20 minutes on foot. (It’s located in front of Daegu Bank)

* Address: 948-13 Bongdeok 2(i)-dong Nam-gu, Daegu, South Korea
* Open hour: 10am ~ 10pm
* Contact: 053-471-3379
* Map

  2. Chinese Naengmyeon 

There’s a Chinese restaurant near Suseonggucheong station in Suseonggu. The most famous food in the restaurant in summer is Chinese Naengmyeon and it is more popular than Jjajangmyeon which is the best Chinese food in Korea in general.

Daegu bank recommends Dongboseong as the best of the best restaurant. The inside of the restaurant had an air of luxury. Side dishes were simple as with any other Chinese restaurants.

The owner is from china and he brings the flour from china in person to make the special chewy texture of the Naengmyeon noodle. 

The soup is filled with big and fresh seafood and when you stir the soup, the special peanut sauce under the soup is mixed and makes a special flavor.

To get there, take subway line no2 and take off at Suseonggucheon station and take exit1. It takes five minutes on foot.

* Address: 169-2 Beomeo 2(i)-dong Suseong-gu, Daegu, South Korea
* Contact: 053-742-6888
* Map


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