Thursday, September 20, 2012

[Food] Honghapbap (mussels with steamed rice)

Honghapbap (mussels with steamed rice)
The genuine taste of Ulleungdo!

 Today, I will introduce Honghapbap(mussels with steamed rice), a local specialty of Ulleungdo. Should we visit Ulleungdo then? No! There is a famous restaurant called Seong-in-bong specialized in local food of Ulleungdo in Suseong-gu, Daegu.

Located in Beomeo-dong, the restaurant is named after ‘Seonginbong’ which is the name of the mountain in Ulleungdo. I’ve heard that this place is so famous that it is difficult to eat during lunchtime without making a reservation.

A house has been converted into the restaurant and because of that I felt relaxed and comfortable like I am at home.

As soon as I sat down, the restaurant employee served dozens of well seasoned side dishes even before ordering food. I chose the main food of the restaurant, Honghapbap(mussels with steamed rice) for lunch.

Shortly, the food that I ordered was served with Ojingeo Naejangtang(Squid innards soup). Different from Spanish mussel rice, the mussel rice here is served in a stone pot. Especially at this restaurant, you can experience genuine taste of Ulleungdo because the owner brings wild mussels caught at the East Sea from Ulleungdo. 

If you are ready to eat, put seaweed powder and spiced soy sauce into the rice and mix them with rice. The combination of flavors and textures was delicious.

I ordered Honghap Nokdujeon (mussel pancake with mung beans) after eating up the main food. Honghap Nokdujeon will be good to eat with drinks especially with makgeolli. 

Overall, the restaurant has tasty food and generous servings as well as comfortable atmosphere! How about visiting Seonginbong to experience the genuine taste of Ulleungdo in Daegu? :)

  Menu & Price

Ulleungdo Honghapbap(울릉도 홍합밥) 
    - wild mussels: 13,000KRW / cultivated mussels: 9,000KRW

Honghap Nokdujeon (홍합녹두전) 7,000KRW

  How to get there? 

Address: 175-9 Beomeo 2-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea 

    - Get off at Beomeo Station of Subway line 2 and take exit 11
    - Go straight until you see the Olleh KT Plaza and turn right there. 
    - Go straight until u see the entrance on your left.


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