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[Tour] Autumn Travel_ Mt. Biseul Trail

Autumn Travel_ Hiking Mt. Biseul

Summer has passed and autumn is in the air! 

Autumn is the best season for traveling in Korea. Especially late summer and Autumn is an ideal season for hiking! For those of you interested in hiking in Daegu, I will introduce Mt. Biseul Trail followed by yesterday’s article about Yugasa, the most famous temples in Mt. Biseul.


Mt. Biseul spot is located in Cheongdo-gun and Dalseong-gun and it is regarded as one of the most popular tourist. Hundreds of people visit annually because of its scenic beauty and clean air, though it is not such a high mountain.

There are various trails for from beginners (short one) to advanced (long one - takes more than 6 hours to finish the whole course. 


I chose the course to Yugasa in order to visit Yugasa Temple on my way back.

The sign at the entrance of the trail indicates the way to Yugasa!

The color of the mountain was still green but some beautiful flowers made me tell that Autumn is coming!


The mountain was filled with pine forests and the broad-leaf trees were trying to come out. There was a culture and tour guide's office near Yugasa. If you are interested in listening to the explanation of the area in English by the guide, please check this article.


Mt. Biseul has been known as a temple place, and famous monk Il-Yeon spent his 20s here, training for his career as a monk. To commemorate him, Il-Yeon Literature Park was built in Mt.Biseul. Poems were carved on huge rocks here and there.

From here, I looked around Yugasa. 
Click here to get information of Yugasa:

>> How to get there?

Intra-city Bus
    : Daegok Station (Subway line1) - Take exit no 1 and go to a bus stop – Take Dalseong 5 or 600 bus – Get off at Yugasa Bus Stop

Intercity bus
   : Daegu Seobu Intercity Bus Terminal- Hyeonpung Intercity Bus Termminal – Take Dalseong 5 or 600 bus – Get off at Yugasa Bus Stop

Search Bus Route here!
    (Type Dalseong 5 or 600 and press Search Button.)

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