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Photography is now at the forefront of the international contemporary fine arts, offering new visions as a significant cultural medium. The City of Daegu is well-suited with its tradition of fine art photography, history, and regional benefits and has since 2006 hosted the Daegu Photo Biennale with the aim of fostering Daegu as the center of photography in Asia. The Daegu Photo Biennale is a leading global photography festival that will help cultivate new generations of artistic cultures by fostering the local fine arts and enterprises associated with them.


 Period: September 20(Thu), 2012 ~ October 28(Sun), 2012 (10:00~19:00)
  Venue: Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Center for Developing Culture(former KT&G building), Bongsan Cultural Center.
  Program: Main Exhibition, Special ExhibitionⅠ, Special Exhibition Ⅱ, 
                     International Photography Symposium, Portfolio Review and Side Events 
  Size: Participating over 200 artists the best world wide
             (France, U.K, USA, Italy, Japan, China and South Korea)
  Host: Daegu Metropolitan City
 Organize: Daegu Photo Biennale Organizing Committee
  Sponsor: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism



 : NOTICES :  

- Smoking is prohibited in all the exhibition spaces.
- Do not touch artwork.
- Put your mobile phone on vibrate mode.
- Do not bring food or pets with you.
- Leave your valuables at the Information Desk.
- Do not take photos using a flash or tripod. No photos for commercial purposes.
- Keep quiet and be courteous in public so that other visitors may appreciate the exhibition.
- Make sure your children observe proper etiquette and do not run around or speak loudly in the exhibition hall.

※ Note that failure to observe etiquette and doing harm to others may result in restrictions being placed on your tour.


  Daegu Culture and Arts Center
  (Address: 187 Seongdang-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea) 

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  Center for Developing Culture (former KT&G building)
  (Address: 58-2 Suchang-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea)

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  Bongsan Cultural Center
  (Address: 125, Bongsan-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea)

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