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[Food] Revive your appetite with Daegu Summer Foods!

Revive your appetite 
with representative summer foods in Daegu!

Scorching hot weather makes people lose their appetite. Especially in Daegu, one of the hottest cities in the country, you must have difficulties traveling around. However, the summer dishes that I will introduce you today will cool you down and revive your appetite!

1. Chilseong-dong Halmae Kong guksu

Chilseong-dong Halmae Kong guksu is one of the traditional renowned restaurants in Daegu, offering tasty Kong guksu(chilled soy bean soup noodles) since 1970s. You would see people standing in a long line especially during lunch time.

You would see all customers eating the same food, Kong guksu because it’s the only dish on the menu at Chilseong-dong Halmae Kong guksu. The owner has clung to only one menu for forty years to provide high quality food with fresh ingredients.

Simple side dishes-Peppers and Garlic- are provided with soybean paste.

Kongguksu is a well-balanced meal containing Protein, Fat and Starch. The special thing about the Kong guksu at this place is that there are stirred zucchini and seasoned lavar on it. 

Softly grounded soy beans make the soup glides smoothly and gently down your esophagus. If you think it won’t fill you, you can ask to make it a double without additional fee when you order the food. 

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#22-38 Chimsan2-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu

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AM11:30 ~ PM09:00

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2. Jokga Myeongga

Pork hock (jokbal) is one of the representative foods when we think of late-night snacks. This late-night representative food turned to summer representative food with special sauce!

In Dongseongno, there is a street named 2030, a street for young people in their 20s and 30s. At the end of the street, you can find the Pork hock (jokbal) Restaurant. Pork hocks are rich in collagen that enables our skin to stretch and keeps the skin smooth and winkle-free. It’s also good for relieving hangovers.

Inside of the restaurant was simple and clean.

Side dishes were simple as well.

Different from common Pork hocks (jokbal), the Pork hock at this restaurant is cold and mixed with vegetables. That’s why it’s called Naengchae jokbal (Naengche means chilled vegetables).

Pork hock is mixed with cucumber, jelly fish and crab meat with a sour and sweet taste though one of the sauce ingredients Wasabi makes it a bit spicy. If you don’t like spicy food, you should control the amount of sauce when you pour it into the dish.

After eating up the veggies and pork hocks, you can order buckwheat noodles to drop into the left over sauce and it makes another great noodle dish.

The owner promises to use the best ingredients only and do its best to serve the best food by visiting the pork supplier in person every time. You will be satisfied with the food quality and the taste.

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#28-1, Samdeok-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

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