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[Event] Daegu International Jazz Festival and nearby Attractions #3. I LOVE JAZZ

It’s Time To Jazz!
Daegu International Jazz Festival #3

2012 5th Daegu International Jazz Festival (DIJF)

*Program and Date: 
2012. 08. 22. ~ 08. 26.

-    08. 22. ~ 08. 23. Jazz carnival of midsummer night
-    08. 22. ~ 08. 26. Jazz all night
-    08. 24. ~ 08. 26. I LOVE JAZZ

Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall, 
Suseong artpia, 
Art Factory Cheongchun, 
Daegu artpia, 
Art Factory Cheongchun, 

The 5th International Jazz Festival starts tonight with the opening ceremony at the Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall! The three main programs of the festival will be held in many different spots for five days and please check the venue information for each program on our blog or on the official website ( 

Following the information of Jazz carnival of midsummer night and Jazz all night, I will introduce you the brief information of I LOVE JAZZ and nearby attractions and restaurants of Suseong Artpia. This one is a ticketed event. Check the reservation information below.

08. 22. ~ 08. 26.
Suseong Artpia (Yongji Hall)

As the only paid event of the festival, I LOVE JAZZ will provide you classy performances performed by top-class jazz artists.

If you wanna get more information of the artists, visit the official webpage ( and go to the Program - I Love Jazz and find the information by clicking each artists' name.

You can also buy tickets online at Interpark and Ticketlink, but they only provide Korean service. I recommend you to make a reservation through the phone.

Nearby Attractions

* Suseong Resort

With the beautiful landscape, Suseongmot Resort is one of the famous places for couples. It consists of Suseong Lake, trails, and Suseong Land. In the Suseong Lake, you can ride a duck boat. While you are walking along the trail, you will stumble upon a flock of swimming ducks

In the evening, fantastic fountain shows take place at the lake. It makes the atmosphere of the lake more romantic. Also, there are many fancy restaurants and cafes along the river. You will get a wonderful night view and make a memorable memory with your partner or date.

Nearby Restaurants

 * Deulangil Restaurant Row

Deulangil Restaurant Row is called as the heaven of tastes in Daegu. Hundreds of restaurants offer various cuisines from all over the world; Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Western cuisine. Variety of bars and pubs offer a wide range of choices.

Many restaurants here have won international competitions and offer dishes that are both traditional and creative. It is great for gatherings, business dinners, banquets and of course, a dinner out with your family and friends.

Have a romantic time with your partner or date with Jazz Music in the romantic city of Daegu!

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