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[Event] Daegu International Jazz Festival and nearby Attractions #2. Jazz all night

It’s Time To Jazz!
Daegu International Jazz Festival #2

2012 5th Daegu International Jazz Festival (DIJF)

*Program and Date: 
2012. 08. 22. ~ 08. 26.

-    08. 22. ~ 08. 23. Jazz carnival of midsummer night
-    08. 22. ~ 08. 26. Jazz all night
-    08. 24. ~ 08. 26. I LOVE JAZZ

Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall, 
Suseong artpia, 
Art Factory Cheongchun, 
Daegu artpia, 
Art Factory Cheongchun, 

The 5th International Jazz Festival starts tonight with the opening ceremony at the Kolon Outdoor Concert Hall! The three main programs of the festival will be held in many different spots for five days and please check the venue information for each program on our blog or on the official website ( 

Following the information of Jazz carnival of midsummer night, I will introduce you the brief information of Jazz all night and nearby attractions and restaurants of Art Factory Cheongchun.

#2 Jazz All Night
08. 22. ~ 08. 26.
Art Factory Cheongchun

Listen to the jam sessions of Korean and international Jazz artists at the Art Factory Cheongchun. Starting from August 22nd, the jam performances will last till 26th.

At the Jazz Art Market, you can buy Jazz Music CDs, instruments, and other souvenirs related to Jazz. The market will be a good place for Jazz Musicians to communicate each other and it would be also good for Jazz fans to meet Jazz artists in person.

Nearby Attractions

Since the event starts at 10pm, we have plenty of time to explore near the Art Factory Cheongchun. Let’s explore what are famous near there with me!

* The place for Young Artists, Bongsan Cultural Street!

Bongsan Street was designated as a Cultural Street in 1991. This place was originally famous among Artists, but it became a place for Daegu citizen to appreciate artistic and cultural works. For Daegu citizens, the city organizes various events such as Bongsan Art Festival. At the galleries of the street, people not only can appreciate various artworks but also purchase them. Each gallery owns the owner’s favorite works and displays them but they also give the opportunities for talented, but not famous artists by displaying their art works at the gallery.

* The world first Velvet Gallery, Yeongdo Daum!

Located near Dongseongro, Yeongdo Daum is the world first Velvet Gallery. It has various velvet clothing, fashion and home products. You will witness the whole building is surrounded with beautiful velvet art.

You can also have a cup of coffee on the first floor and buy velvet products in you are interested.

Nearby Restaurants

* Unique pastas in Degu

You must be very hungry after walking around the Art Factory Cheongchun and think you should fill up your stomach before visiting the jazz event. However, you don’t wanna eat Korean traditional food? Then, how about tasting Unique Pastas from Seoga and cook and MIES?

These two places sell unique pastas. MIES Factory is famous for its sweet and sour Salad Pasta and bbq plate. They go very well with draft beer. Seoga and cook offers plus size plate at reasonable price. One place is for 2 to 3 people. It’s interesting that they put an egg fried sunny side up on every menu they serve.

Is your stomach is full now?! Then let’s go to enjoy Jazz music :D

* Click here for the information of Jazz carnival of midsummer night program

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