Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[Tour] Culture and Tour Guides in Daegu

Culture and Tour Guides

A culture and tour guide for local and foreign visitors to the Daegu region will give detailed explanations about the historical backgrounds of Daegu’s major tourist attractions.

* What are culture and tour guides?

- The culture and tour guides are people located at the various tourist attractions, including cultural heritage sites, who will provide factual explanations to local and foreign tourists about the cultural assets (ancient palace, Buddhist temples, folklore, intangible culture, historical sites, natural monuments, etc.), local culture, and tourism resources to be found in Daegu. Thus, tourists will have every chance of better appreciating culture and tourism in Daegu.

* How to find a culture and tour guide?

- Currently, there are 104 culture and tour guides working at 27 major attractions from February to November. Anyone who visits a location with a culture and tour guide may enjoy a detailed explanation about the relevant cultural asset or and tourist attraction.

- The locations where the culture and tourism guides are currently working are shown below. (As of January 2011.)

 * How to select a culture and tourism guide?

- The guides are Daegu residents who are graduates of the relevant departments at the universities. They are equipped with basic knowledge about Daegu’s historical and cultural assets and tourist attractions, and include local historians, former teachers and housewives. They are also fluent in foreign languages (English/Japanese/Chinese) and were selected through open calls that took place in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, and 2009, respectively. They all received professional education from outstanding educational institutions, and currently, there are 104 culture and tourism guides working at 27 tourist attractions.

* What sort of services do culture and tourism guides provide?

- The guides offer a detailed and factual explanation about the history and culture behind Daegu’s tourist attractions, such as cultural heritage sites, so as to increase visitor understanding and ensure a memorable experience is had by all. Local and foreign visitors will find the guides’ unique and in-depth interpretation of Daegu’s cultural heritage, local culture and tourist attractions to be invaluable during their stay.

Also, the culture and tourism guides will make continuous efforts to improve their qualifications, including follow-up training on culture tourism, on-site exploration of cultural heritage sites, and lectures on various culture and tourism training programs. They will widely spread the high value of Daegu’s cultural assets and tourism resources, while also taking the lead in making sure citizens take an active interest in Daegu’s culture, history and tourism industry.

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