Monday, August 20, 2012

[Tour] Camping Areas in Mt. Palgong


Camping Areas in Mt. Palgong

The test operation of a new camping zone in the Donghwa District started on Aug. 6 to meet the growing demand for modernized camping facilities and auto camping.

Located near Daegu’s urban area, the camping zone of Mt. Palgong commands beautiful natural views, providing a resting place for many Daegu citizens during the summer season. 

In addition, anyone can use communal kitchens, showers, restrooms and electricity for free. Especially there are some leisure sports facilities such as artificial rock climbing, inline skating place, and a playground that enhance your enjoyment.

* Operation Period? 

  : 2012. 8. 6. ~ 11. 30 (Test-operation period)
- Donghwa District camping zone: opened on Aug 6th
- Pagye District camping zone: will open as soon as construction is complete

* You can use one camping area up to a maximum of 2 nights 3 days at a time.

 : One day means from 12pm to the next day 12 pm

* Price?

: 1,000 KRW ~ 3,000 KRW for one night (depends on the size of the area)
- Less than four people: 1,000KRW
- Five to ten people: 2,000KRW
- More than ten people: 3,000KRW

 * How to register?

: Registration is available on the spot
- ID card is needed for registration.
- Foreigners should bring their passports for registration.

* Contact Number

: ☎ 053) 982-0005

Pagye District camping zone will open as soon as its construction is complete. This one will be an auto camping site that you can pull over your car next to your tent area. Further information will be updated when it’s open.

* How to get there?

- To get to Donghwa District camping zone, take Rapid1(급행1) bus and get off at Donghwasa area Bus Stop and Walk about 5 minutes from there to the camping area.

- To get to Pagye District camping zone, take 101 bus and get off at Pagyesa Bus Stop which is the last stop of the bus. Walk about 2 minutes from there to the camping area.