Thursday, July 12, 2012

[Tour] A meeting of Art and Tradition, Mabijeong Mural Village!

A meeting of Art and Tradition,  
Mabijeong Mural Village! 
Mabijeong Mural Village designated as a tourism village is busy with gardening and painting walls. The most interesting attraction of this village is Mural paintings. Even though the beautification project is still in progress, many people are already visiting to take pictures of beautiful nature mingled with Art and to recall their childrenhood.
After you pass the big rock sign of the village, the first painting you will see is Jangseung, Korean traditional totem pole usually located at the village entrance. The name of the Village, Mabijeong is written in both Korean and Chinese Character.

The murals show daily lives of Korea in 1960 to 1980s. The unique point of this mural village is traditional household items dangled from the wall paintings. This will make you feel Trick Art experience when you take a picture.

You can see some three-dimensional artworks here and there in the village.

 Real ropes are tied as dog leashes that you can try to pull!

This place works as a visitor's book. Why don't you sign your name or leave a message? A pen is also prepared!

There's a special prayer tree you shouldn't miss in Mabijeong village. Yeonrimok, meaning two separate trees stuck together and grow as one tree, is that. Nomally same species of trees make Yeonrimok, but this one was made by two different species, Pyrifolia and Zelkova. Zelkova stuck to 100years old Pyrifolia and made one Yeonrimok. According to a myth, when you pray for something in front of the Yeonrimok, your dream will come true. You should try it, since you have nothing to lose :D

The paintings also express four season of Korea and its unique seasonal life style as well.  

* Address

Bolli-2ri, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

* Bus and Subway Information
1. After getting off at Daegok Station(Subway line No.1), take the first exit and then walk until you see a bus stop.
2. Transfer to Dalseong2 at the bus stop and get off at Bolli2-ri bus stop, the last stop of the bus.

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There are lots of attractions near Mabijeong Village such as Biseul Mt., Inheung Village, Daegu Arboretum and Whawon Natural Forest Resort that you will be interested in. More travel information around Dalseong will be updated continually :)
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Hi, my name is Bridgett Hernandez and I'm a member of the Daegu Photography Club. I am hosting a photo walk to Mabijeong and I was wondering if the photographer would mind if I used one of these photos to promote the event (it's not for profit, it's just a social gathering) on the event's Facebook page. I would give the photographer credit, of course. Anyways, please let me know by replying to this comment or emailing me at Thank you!