Friday, July 6, 2012

[Tour] Make do-it-yourself oriental herb cosmetics in the City of Oriental Medicine!

Make do-it-yourself oriental herb cosmetics at SkyLake Cosmetic!

What crosses your mind when you hear Daegu? 
Food? Nice people? 
One of the representatives of Daegu is Oriental Medicine.

SkyLake is an oriental herb cosmetic store located in the basement of Novotel Ambassador in Downtown where you can make do-it-yourself cosmetic with natural ingredients. This oriental herb cosmetic is especially good for people who are suffering from an atopic disease or acne because it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Let's have a look at how people make oriental cosmetic! 

The president of the store is carefully teaching participants how to make the cosmetic in person.

Shampoos and skins are finally formed.

The natural ingredients not only give you nice skin but also make you feel fresh with their delicate scent! Come and experience making your very own cosmetics at SkyLake!

- How to register?

 : If you want to join DIY cosmetic program, you should make a reservation first.
   * Contact number is 053-857-2380
   * At least four people needed each participation.

- Entry fee differs depends on the course.

Course 1: Soap(80g) +Shampoo(100g): 15,000won
Course 2: Soap(80g )+ Essence Skin(40g): 15,000won
Course 3: Shampoo(100g) + Essence Skin(40g): 19,000won

(Additional fee will be 9,000won per one product)

- Open Hour

* Headquarter (10:00 ~ 18:00)  
(145 Daehan-ri, Wachon-myeon, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongbuk, Korea / 053-857-2380) 

* Novotel Branch (11:00 ~ 20:30)
(B1, Novotel, Jungangro, Daegu) / 053-664-7238)

- Special Benefits for participants

1.    Oriental herb tea + traditional snack
2.    Sample Cosmetic Kit
3.    10 percent discount on purchase

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