Thursday, July 5, 2012

[Tour] The Hidden Attraction of Daegu, Heimat!

Take a short break with classic Music!

I will introduce you a Classic Music Room, Heimat, where you can hear classic music and feel nostalgia. This unique place is not even well known among Daegu people even though it has been existed in the middle of Downtown Daegu since its first launch in 1957. Heimat means Hometown in German and I found the definition of the word on its official website.

Heimat is a specifically German concept to which people are bound by their birth, their childhood, their language and their earliest experiences. Heimat found strength in an increasingly alienating world as Germany's population made a massive exodus from rural areas into more urbanised communities around the country's major cities. Heimat was a reaction to the onset of modernity, loss of individuality and intimate community.
Heimat began as an integral aspect of German identity that was patriotic, without being nationalistic. Regional identity (along with regional dialect) is an important foundation for a person's Heimat.
The specific aspects of Heimat — love and attachment to homeland and the rejection of anything foreign — left the idea vulnerable to easy assimilation into the fascist "blood and soil" literature of the National Socialists.

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As I already mentioned, Heimat was built in 1957 and has been operated by a family for three generation. It was a center of culture in those days to such an extent as to have 400 to 500 visitors a day. One of the interesting things is that you can hear music with an LP record. People visiting Heimat say that they come to Heimat to recall their youth.

Only two classic music rooms left in Korea now and it's lucky that we have one in our city. you shouldn't miss Heimat when you come to Korea. If you are lucky, u can listen to a small concert! Tea place is also provided as you see in the picture above.


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