Monday, July 30, 2012

[Tour] Mountain stream in Herbhillz

Let’s go play in the Mountain stream! 

Did you know that there is a mountain stream in Herbhillz Eco themed park? As the scorching hot weather is expected to continue in Daegu and Gyeongbuk area, people are looking for a place to avoid the heat of the town. The eco themed park in Dalseong-gun, Herbhillz is one of the closest places for Daegu citizens to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature. I will introduce you the mountain stream in the park for those who are exhausted from the heat of the city.

This is the Herb Stream in the park. The clear cold mountain stream and the wooded valley will make you feel like you are in the natural refrigerator.


Children are having fun in the tail of the stream and other family members are taking a rest on a mat. Visitors can bring some snacks or fruits to appease their hunger.

When you walk through the fog made by artificial water fountains, you will forget the heat.

In addition to this, Herbhillz provides various performances, rides and hands-on experiences such as making natural herb soap, wood doorplate and setting herb and flower in flowerpot. You can also see some animals in the zoo, or can enjoy Eco-Leports, Eco-adventure. Click here for more information

 * How to get to Herbhillz ?

 - Inter-City Bus Information

1. Get off at Seobu Inter-city Terminal(Seobu Jeongryujang) and take 452 city bus on the opposite of the Terminal and then get off at Herbhillz(허브힐즈) Bus Station. (It takes about 40 to 50 minutes by city bus.)

2. When you take a taxi from here to the park, it takes about 20 minutes and it costs about 8,000KRW.

- City Bus Information

Take Geuphaeng2(급행2), 449, 452, 704, or Gachang2(가창2) and get off at Herbhillz(허브힐즈) Bus Station.

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