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[Festival] Enjoy the Art festival in the City of Culture and Art!, 2012 Daegu Hotel Art Fair!

2012 Hotel Art Fair in Daegu!
Enjoy the Art festival in the City of Culture and Art!

Daegu has held diverse culture and art festivals every year worthy of the culture and Art City, Daegu. One of the fascinating Art festivals is going to be held soon. At Novotel, the 3rd Hotel Art Fair in Daegu will be held for three days from July 6th! This will be a special opportunity for you to appreciate various Art works from the galleries across the country.

* Pre-view/Press : July 5th (Thu) From 6pm to 8pm
* Date : July 6th(fri) t ~ 8th(sun)
* Where : Novotel Ambassador Daegu, 14, 15 F
* Opening Hours : 11:00am ~ 8:00pm * entrance is available until 7pm
* Admission Fee : Free
* Supervisor : Galleries Association of Daegu, Galleries Association of Korea Daegu branch
* Sponsor : Daegu Art Fair
* Participant : 32 galleries and associations

Hotel Art Fair has already become widespread in Europe, Japan and Hongkong. At the 2012 Daegu Hotel Art Fair, you can appreciate not only painters, but also sculptors, installation and media art. Various paintings and art will be carefully arranged on beds, sofas, and desks with an artistic touch. One of the great things about hotel art fairs is that you can feel how art works fit in a normal house setting. Through the experience, you can read the trends of Art Market as well.

    (Images from the 2011 Daegu Hotel Art Fair _

You will have another special experience through the special exhibition of ceramics and auction event that anyone can participate in. Feel free to stop by Hotel Art Fair in Daegu to make a memorable experience!

Lacation & Transportation

- City Hall – City Bus No.521 and 600
- Novotel Daegu City Center – Regular Regional: 106, 400-1, 401, 410-1, 600, 650, 909
- Express: Express1, Express 3, 508,518
- Premium Regional: 508,518
- Regular Local: Gachang 2, Donggu 1, Bukgu 3

- 10 minutes from Jungangno Station, 15 minutes from Daegu Station, Subway Line No.1
- 15-minute walk from Gyeongdae Station, Subway Line No.2

- Base fare from Daegu Station, Subway Line No.1

From Daegu International Airport
- Route: Daegu Airport – Bokhyeon 5-way Intersection – Gyeongdae Bridge – Jungang-no Boulevard
- Time: Approximately 5 Km / Within 15 minutes

From Dongdaegu Station
- Route: Dongdaegu Station – Fatima Hospital – Gonggo Intersection – Gyeongdae Bridge – Jongang-no Boulevard
- Time: 3 Km / Within 10 minutes

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