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[Event] Be One, 2012 Inernational Children’s Game (ICG)

2012 Inernational Children’s Game

Daegu city hosts the 46th International Children's Games(ICG) for the first time in Korea. This will be Daegu's second time to welcome people in the name of athletics, where the 2011 IAAF World Championships took place. 

The goal of ICG is to enable, develop and advance the meeting, understanding and friendship of students from different countries, and to advance the spirit of Olympic sportsmanship. From the first International Children's Games in 1968 to the 46th Daegu ICG 2012, the Games have managed to achieve the dream of their creator, bringing together children from all over the world and fostering a mutual understanding between them. With more than 35,000 children from every continent of the world having taken part in the Games, strong friendships have been created, and different cultures have come one step closer together, opening up new horizons for world peace and harmony.

From July 12th to 17th 2012, seven events will be held, including track and field, swimming and football. In addition, various Korean cultural festivities will be held to entertain all participants and visitors. Hope you come to enjoy the game and support your country!


Outline of the Event

* Date

July 12 - 17, 2012

* Attending

- Over 2,000 participants
- About 80 cities
- Around 50 countries

* Sport Entries

Track and field, Swimming, Tennis, Taekwondo, Table tennis, Football, Volleyball

* Facilities

- Sporting Venues - Daegu Civil Stadium, Duryu Park, Keimyung University
- Event Headquarters - Keimyung University
- Practice Area - Daegu Civil Stadium / Athletes' Lodging
- VIPs' Facility - Hotel Inter-Burgo (EXCO)
- Athletes' Lodging - Keimyung University dormitories

Event Schedule

* Thursday 12 July

- Day of Arrival

* Friday 13 July

- Opening Ceremony at Keimyung University Gymnasium,
- Competition Day 1 and Practice Day

* Saturday 14 July

- Competition Day 2 and Evening Event

* Sunday 15 July

- Competition Day 3 and Evening Event

* Monday 16 July

- Competition Day 4
- Closing Ceremony at Keimyung University and Evening Event

* Thuesday 17 July

- Day of Departure

Sports and Venues

* Daegu Civil Stadium

- Daegu Civil Stadium: Track and field

- Daegu Civil Gymnasium: Table tennis

* Duryu Park

- Duryu Swimming Center: Swimming

- Duryu Tennis Center: Tennis

* Keimyung University

- Keimyung College University Gymnasium: Taekwondo

- Keimyung University Gymnasium: Volleyball

- Maegok Soccer Field: Football

Map of Sporting Venues


* Official Website

* Information Brochure for the Games

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