Thursday, July 19, 2012

[Food] Unique and special meat in Daegu, Wangeomi Gui restaurang

Unique and special meat at Wangeomi Gui Restaurant 

Wanggeomi Gui restaurant is the oldest Sanggogi specialty restaurant existing in the country known for its Sanggogi also known as Mungtigi. I will introduce you three most popular foods at this Wanggeomi Gui restaurant.

The name of the restaurant has an interesting origin. It was located in Hyangchon-dong 10 years ago. There were a large number of restaurants concentrated in the alley and the restaurants attracted customers competitively. 

However, people just passed by this Wanggeomi restaurant because it was the first restaurant in the alley. For that reason, the owner named the restaurant after Wanggeomi literally meaning a large spider that does not let preys go.

It's now moved to near Junggu office, but still many people come to all the way to here to taste original taste of Sanggogi. Some of regular customers have been visiting here more than ten years.

Three representative foods

 1. Saenggogi(fresh rare meat)

Saenggogi, fresh rare meat is the main menu of the restaurant. It’s also known as Mungtigi in Gyeongsangdo province and is considered one of the 10 representative foods of Daegu. The texture of meat is smooth and elastic. It tastes best with the sesame oil sauce.

 2. Yangjimeori(Brisket of beef) and Odregi(Beef tendon) (half and half)

The second food is Odregi originated from this restaurant. The owner himself named the food, Odregi after an onomatopoeia word for chewing the beef tendon. Women customers especially like Odregi because it has less calories. People usually order half Odregi and half Yangjimeori together.

 3. Daechang gui (roasted gut)

The last food that I will introduce to you today is Daechang gui. It looks different from other Daechang gui as you would see in other restaurants because it's cut in half and unrolled. Marinated color of the Daechang gui could be seen as spicy, but it does not taste as strong as you think it would. I guess it would be fine for people who don’t enjoy spicy food.

If you are tired of common food in downtown Daegu, you should visit this place. You can mix the menus half and half as Yangjimeori and Odregi so that you can try different kind of menus at the same time. Come and try these foods that go very well with Soju, Korean distilled spirits.

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