Thursday, July 19, 2012

[Tour] Exploring historical attractions in Daegu, Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence

The history of the 200-year-old Residence…
Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence

Today’s historical attraction of Daegu is Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence located and preserved in Hwawon-eup, Bonri-ri. The 18th generation grandson of a renowned Korean Moon Ik-jeom, who initially introduced the cottonseed to Korea from China in the 15th century, Moon Gyeong-ho set up this village. It’s an active village, with most buildings still occupied by some of the original families that have lived there since its first foundation. It was designated as an official Cultural Artifact No.3.

This place is Gwanggeodang. Scholars and writers from all over the country came here to discuss and study together.

The clan families gather together here at Subongjeongsa. The size of the building is bigger than other traditional building. It shows that the clan has a strong economic power.

This building is Insumungo, the Moon clan's library. The clan has collected rare books and publications since 1910 and preserved at this library. The amount of books is incomparable to other clan's libraries. It’s a huge priceless collection holding more than ten thousand volumes.

One of the old trees in the village is called "Moon Gyeong-ho tree" named after the founder of the village. He planned the city under the careful plan as you can see the houses and buildings are arranged in an orderly way.

When you want to find a great place to relax and wind down, this is just that kind of place. I am sure that it is worth to visit Nampyeong Moon clan village on a peaceful weekend.

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#401-2 Bonri-ri, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

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10:00 - 18:00

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Past Hwawon Intersection > Left turn in front of Hwawon Bridge > Follow Cheonnaecheon for 3km > Highway 5 from Hwawon-eup Sojaeji towards Hyeonpung → 2.7km from village entrance

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Dalseong2 , 600, 604, 623, 655, Dalseong1, Dalseong3, Dalseong5

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