Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[Tour] Bongmu Leports Park, Water Leports Park in Daegu

Enjoy Summer Water Leports in Bongmu Leports Park!

Did you know there is a water leports park in Daegu where you can enjoy Water Leports to sweep away Summer heat and boredom? “Bongmu Leports Park” is the right place. This water leports park has best water quality and beautiful natural environment around it.

There is a private water sports specialty business called Daegu Susang World in the park. This place is famous among the big fans of Water Leports and the facilities and gears are top classes in the nation.

Water leports have been loved by many people because it’s not difficult to learn water leports at all even for people who are not good at swimming. From children to adults can enjoy all sorts of leports together.The leports you can enjoy at the park include Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Banna boating, Peanut boating and Fly fishing. Following is general information of Daegu Susang World's service including price, address and direction. Hope you enjoy the summer leports in Bongmu Leports Park with your family and friends!

 - General Price

    * Unit: KRW (원)
    * (현) means cash / (카) means Card 

 - Package Price

    * Unit: KRW (원)
    * (현) means cash / (카) means Card  

 - Website

 ※ Check related tour package at Daegu City Tour Website http://bit.ly/NMctCb.

 - Address

Bongmu Leports Park, 394 Bongmu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

 - Contact number


 - Map

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