Monday, June 18, 2012

[Transportation] How to get to Yeosu EXPO

Yeosu city is holding a huge international EXPO now.
Here are 3 best ways to get to Yeosu from Daegu by public transportation for those who live in or plan to travel through Daegu!!

1. From Seobu Bus Terminal (Direct bus - 4.5hours)

Seobu Bus Terminal

2. From Dongdaegu Bus Terminal
Dongdaegu to Suncheon bus takes 3 hours than free shuttle at Suncheon Terminal for 24 min. (Daegu[803] is Dongdaegu Terminal and Daegu[805] is Seobu Terminal)

Dongdaegu Bus Terminal

3. From Dongdaegu Train Station (1 train a day)
Time: 13:39
Hours: 4hours 12min

Yeosu EXPO shuttle info

Yeosu EXPO Call center

Yeosu EXPO official webpage

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