Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[Fun Place] What you can do at Dalseong-bo Reservoir

Sunday Market – Art&Culture&Market

At Dalseong-bo, you can enjoy cultural and art performances every Sunday.
June 24 - Dano Market
-2pm: Electronic organ, Guitar, Saxophone concert
-4pm: Samulnori (Korean traditional percussion quartet)
-10am~8pm: China craft, Quilt, Natural soap, DIY wood craft, Natural dyeing, Clay art…


There is a nice observatory as well.

The 10th K-water Rowing Championships

Period: June 20 – June 22 (9:30am – 2:30pm)
Place: Dalseong-bo
38 teams will be competing.

Little tip for rowing lovers: Chungju will hold 2013 World Rowing Championships.

How to get here:

Bus: 600, 655, 달성6 / Get off at Yaksan-on-cheon(약산온천) stop. It’s rignt in front of Dalseong-bo.


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