Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[Fun Place] Dongseongno’s unique cultural spaces – Yeongdo Velvet Gallery, Heimat (Old Pop Music House)

Yeongdo Velvet Gallery

Yeongdo Velvet Company, one of the proud corporations of Daegu is the largest velvet manufacturer in the world. Daegu city has been famous for textile industry.

It has various velvet clothing, fashion and home products.
You can also have a cup of coffee here resting.

It usually holds exhibitions on the 3rd floor. You will witness the whole building is surrounded with beautiful velvet art.


Heimat means ‘hometown’ in German.
I was very surprised when I was told that this place is more than 50 years.
The owner’s wife is music professor of Kyeongbuk Univ. and the couple sometimes explains diverse music.
Opening hours: 10AM – PM9

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