Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[Food] Daegu’s Unique Ddeokbokki Restaurants

Ddeokbokki is one of the best known Korean foods.
Here are the details about the dish.

Tteokbokki, also known as Ddeokbokki is a popular Korean snack food which is commonly purchased from street vendors or Pojangmacha.[1] Originally it was called tteok jjim (떡찜), and was a braised dish of sliced rice cake, meat, eggs, and seasoning. Tteok jjim, an early variant of modern tteokbokki, was once a part of Korean royal court cuisine.[2] This type of tteokbokki was made by boiling tteok, meat, vegetables, eggs, and seasonings in water, and then serving it topped with ginkgo nuts and walnuts. In its original form, tteokbokki, which was then known as gungjung tteokbokki, was a dish served in the royal court and regarded as a representative example of haute cuisine. The original tteokbokki was a stir-fried dish consisting of garaetteok (가래떡, cylinder-shaped tteok) combined with a variety of ingredients, such as beef, mung bean sprouts, green onions, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and onions, and seasoned with soy sauce.

We visited 3 famous restaurants that have special recipe of Ddeokbokki.

Toppoki (Toppoki Su)

Toppoki is located in Dongsungro.
The main menu is Haemul(seafood) and Cheese Ddeokbokki.
People love its special menu stir fried rice as well.

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빨봉분식 (Bbalbong Bun-sik)

The head restaurant of Bbalbong Bun-sik is near the north gate of Kyeongbuk Univ.
It offers unique combination of Ddeokbokki and Don-ga-sue(pork cutlet).

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I’m 떡볶이 (I’m Ddeokbokki)

I’m Ddeokbokki stands in Dongsungro.
It serves Ddeokbokki with flat glass noodle.

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