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[Festival] Guide to Daegu International Musical Festival

Daegu International Musical Festival has left large domestic and international footprints over its 6-year history.
By nurturing home-grown musicals, DIMF has made Daegu the newly rising city of performing arts. DIMF has been highly esteemed globally and often requested to export DIMF produced musicals!

Weekday Plan

Weekend Plan

How to get to the venues?

Opera House

Keimyung Art Center

Suseong Artpia
Bus: 400, 400-1, 402, 403, 449, 604, 814 get off at Suseong Artpia stop

Bongsan Cultural Center
Subway: Banwoldang Station, gate9

Donggu Arts and Sports Center

Daeduk Cultural Center
(Daeguk Cultural Center stop)410, 410-1. 달서401,
(Nambu Library)300, 750

Dalseo-gu Advanced Culture Center
Bus: (첨단문화회관역, Dalseo-gu Advanced Culture Center) 518, 성성3
Subway: Yongsan Station

Daegu Culture and Arts Center

Arts Theater CT
Get off at Jungangro Station, take gate 1 and walk straight for 10 min

Songjuk Theater
Subway: Jungangro Station, gate3

Daegu Bus Info:


DIMF's Debut on Broadway, Home of Musical!
-2008 “My Scary Girl,” the Best DIMF Guarantee Premier Home-grown Musical
-2009 invited to the New York Musical Theater Festival as an official selection of the NYMF-DIMF Exchange won Best New Musical and Best Actress Award at NYMF Awards

DIMF, Cradle of Home-grown Musicals
-Since 2006, DIMF has chosen and fostered Korean Home-grown Musicals.
-2008-9 “My Scary Girl” winner of the Best DIMF Guarantee Premier Home-grown Musical, was
supported for its production and Broadway shows by DIMF.
-2011 produced Musical Turandot
-2011 signed a 5-year Licensing Agreement with Oriental Songlei Theatre Group for the Musical Turandot
-2012 Musical Turandot invited as the closing show for the Dongguan Musical Festival and awarded Special Grand Prize at DMF
-2012 Musical Turandot currently preparing for a performance in Jinan, China

DIMF across the Globe
-2010 China : “The Songle Best Musical Award' is now incorporated into the Daegu Musical Awards
-2010 Mexico : signed the Memorandom of Understanding with Thomas Jefferson Musical Theater Company
-2012 America : signed the Memorandom of Understanding with New York Musical Theater Festival

DIMF Governmental Support Grantee Festival
-2012 Chosen as 'Pilot Project for Globalizing a Local Brand' by ministry of public administration and security.
-2011 Chosen as 'Global Project Technology Development' by Korean Cultural Contents Association

The Daegu International Musical Festival has already grown to be the hub of musical theater in Asia due to the support and investment of Daegu Metropolitan City as well as the love and passion of the musical fandom all over the world. Now DIMF aims at being Asia’s Best Performing Arts Festival where people from around the globe can build friendship, peace, and understanding through sharing delightful and beautiful musicals.

source:  DIMF Gidebook

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