Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Mountain] DaeguOlle Mt.Palgong route 1&2

The “Mt. Palgong Olle” (trail) first opened with a two-hour course to Bukjijang Temple in June 2009. It grew into eight courses featuring an additional 11 kilometer - “Road to Hansilgol,” 9.8 kilometer - “Buin Temple trail,” 7.5 kilometer - “Pyeonggwang-dong Wanggeon trail,” 6.8 kilometer - “Road to Dansanji,” 8.17 kilometer - “Road to Pokpogol,” and 7.1 kilometer - “Sutaeji Valley.” Each course takes three to four to complete on foot and all are replete with interesting scenery.

DaeguOlle Mt.Palgong route 1 - Trail to Bukjijangsa Temple

Course Introduction

-Route 1 (2hrs) / Round-trip Course
  Poet's Way--> Stonehouse Yard--> Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum--> Bukjijangsa Temple
-Good to walk with light steps for men and women of all ages
  Nice to look around a pine forest
-Best season : spring, summer, autumn, winter
-Watch out  for cars on weekend
-Getting to the starting point
 By subway and bus
 Line 1-->  Ayanggyo station exit No.2-->  Express bus1(급행1) -->  Dohak 2-dong(Bangjja Yugi Museum)

Vicinity tour: Daegu Bangjja Yugi(Korean Bronzeware) Museum

DaeguOlle Mt.Palgong route 2 - Trail to Hansilgol

Course Introduction

-Route 2 (2-3hrs) / One-way Course
 Shrine of the general Shin Sung-gyeom--> trail to Hansilgol--> Hill of Wish--> Observatory --> Yongjin Village --> Birthplace of former president Roh Tae-woo --> Pagyesa Temple
-Excellent to look out a wide-view
-Best season : spring, autumn, winter
-Getting to the starting point
 By subway and bus
 Line 1 -->  Ayanggyo station exit No.2 -->  Bus No.101 -->  Jimyo-dong -->  Bus No.101-1 -->  Pagye-gyo(bridge)

Vicinity tour: Museum of Natural Dye Arts

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