Tuesday, May 22, 2012

[Lodging] Have you heard of Daegu’s Greenstel?

Daegu has appointed 150 accommodations as the Greenstel in order to provide inexpensive and tidy accommodations to visitors of Daegu for various large-scale international events.

Greenstel is a newly-coined word by connecting the words Green and Hostel, meaning a low carbon green development, and signifies the eco-friendly and successful hosting of the 2011 Daegu International Track and Field Championships.

GreenStel Symbol/Logo

The image of a simple and comforting traditional Korean-style house filled with longing memories is handled with softness so the curves will give a comforting and casual free feeling. The image also expresses a suitable, clean, and inexpensive accommodation for a eco-friendly green development city desired by the city.

GreenStel Purpose

Recommend and select accommodations with excellent facilities and environmental services
Provide an image of a pleasant resting place for the visitors.

At the website, information of Daegu tourism can be found as well.

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