Friday, May 11, 2012

[Festival] Dongseongro Korea Wave Festival

Dongseongno Street is the city's busiest street, always full of lively young people and gorgeous stores. Every May when the flags of all nations fly over the sky of Dongseongno, the Dongseongno Festival starts with the fanfare of a marching band.

For the festival, special events such as new K-POP singers’ survival audition show ‘Power M season 2’, K-pop Cover Dance Festival, Korean wave fashion concert, Nalmoebukchum (drum dance) and many traditional folk games are performed along with plenty of experience programs.

Plus, there are many cool restaurants in Dongseongno area.

People can enjoy the pleasure of thrift shopping at the stores offering big sales during this festival.

Date: May 18 -May20


Leslee said...

thanks for the lovely pictures.. korea is just a nice place for tourists.. :)

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visitdaegu2011 said...

Wow what a compliment! Thank you~~