Friday, May 4, 2012

[Festival] Daegu Mount. Biseul Azalea Cultural Festival

In late spring, Mount. Biseul, which has Azalea flower fields of around 1000ha, holds Azalea Festival to show off its beautiful scenery covered with blossoms.
Are you ready to be blown away? ^^

This is the Sojae Bridge at the entrance.
Once you cross a hill, you get in the red tinted Azalea world.

Fountain with water spout was right there to cool off.

There was a promotion & experience house across the stream.

When you get in the place, you will see various kinds of azalea and plants exhibited.

I didn’t know that azalea has so many different species.

Also, they provide experience booths for making flower pancake, LED crystal flower, Korean fan, soap, and China and doing traditional Korean paper craft, woodcraft and natural dyeing.

At the corner of the parking place, there was food court that offers temple meals such as rice with lotus leaf, flower pancake, etc. at reasonable prices. (Weekend only: May5, May6)

Now we are getting in the main area!

The main events are reciting contest of azalea poems, a drum dance performance, a climbing contest and Korean folk games.

On the way to Daegyeon temple and azalea fields, there were photo zone, filming location old Korean drama Chuno’s last scene, and so on, that can please visitors’ eyes.

The famous Granitic sidewalk stretches widely!
At a place like this, Korean people like piling a stone tower making wishes. ^^

This is Daegyeon temple site.
Chinese king Munjong of Tang Dynasty decided to build a temple by accidently seeing a beautiful landscape painting through water while washing face. Now it preserves only Trilithon, a tangible cultural asset, since the temple was burned in the Imjin war (Japanese Invation of Korea in 1592).
Singing and poetry reading contest and exhibition of illustrated poems of a literary men’s association (Weekend only) takes place here.

Now, the Azalea fields~~~!! The breath taking moment!!
It was just beyond words~~
The scent of the flowers was wafted along by the breeze. mmm
Why don’t you get intoxicated and captivated by the fragrance of Mt. Biseul’s Azalea flowers?

Dates: April 28~ May 6
Venue: Biseulsan crest and whole area of natural recreation forest

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