Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Exhibition] Daegu Metro Art Center at Daegongwon Station

At Daegongwon Station Line2, there is an exhibition of Korean lifestyle in 1960-1970s. The event will go on until August 10th 2012.
You can see how ordinary Koreans’ lives in those days are different from ones in nowadays.

A small model house, a classroom and local comics shop in old days can be found at the special exhibition place.

Korean people used to wear homemade or custom-made clothing from couture houses before ready-to-wear era began.
A barber shop, Dabang(Korean old fashioned coffee shop) and a mom-and-pop-store as well came alive at the Daegongwon station.

Korean traditional games and other western games are prepared for children.

If you have chance to visit Daegu stadium or any places in Siji area by subway, why don’t you hop off at the Daegongwon station and look around Metro Art Center exhibition?


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