Friday, June 1, 2012

[Exhibition] Art Daegu 2012 – International Art Festival

Art Daegu 2012 has been held in Daegu since 2007 with fabulous international and domestic galleries.
This year, it will bring back the memories of beautiful and active art market in the previous year.

Venue: Exco
Date: June, I will inform you as soon as the dates are confirmed.
Hours: 11AM-8PM (11AM-6PM on June 6th)

Opening Ceremony: June 2nd
Composition: Main Exhibition, Special Exhibition, Events
Items: Paintings, Sculptures, Video Art, Photography, Media Art, Installation

You can’t miss Daegu city when it comes to contemporary and modern art of Korea.
Daegu earns high marks for churning out many great artists.

Art city, colorful Daegu has embraced a variety of galleries from the world to let people enjoy their gorgeous works.  

You can buy art pieces at this art fair as well.
Come visit the festival to feel and appreciate art, which would result in a happier feeling and deeper understanding of other people and the world.

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