Thursday, April 19, 2012

[Fun Places] Learning Experiences for You and Your Children in Daegu

Thease days, Korean parents are very interested in weekend experience centers with Korea’s 5 day school week kicked off this year.
Many people in and around Daegu are visiting such places in the city to enjoy their weekends.

Among various experience centers in Daegu, I will introduce 3 of them today.

Gyesan Yeaga (Modern Culture Experience Center)

It shows Daegu’s modern history, culture, facilities and historical figures through visual aids.
You can enter the center for free. ^_^

It has a special theatre for learning history of Daegu and Korean traditional housing exhibition hall.

Subway: Banwoldang Station
Bus: 420, 405, 305, 414-1, 609, 420-1, 840, 북구2, 동구2, 북구3, 동구2, 성서2, 동구1-1, 급행1, 급행2, 급행3

 Police History Center

Daegu police agency runs Police Histoy Center with its more than 100 year history.
You can participate in a safety class, police and Daegu’s old jail experience etc. here.

E-Street (Urban English Street)

It’s a place for non-English speaking people to learn practical English.
Good for Korean children! ^^

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