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[Festival] Enjoy Daegu Festivals in May!!

Daegu Yakryeongsi Herb Medicine Festival 2012 (subtitle – Picnic)

Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Festival will be held in Namsung Street, Jung-gu, Daegu with various herbal & traditional cultural experiences.

Date: May 2 (Wed) – May 6 (Sun) 2012
Bus: 106, 202, 202-1, 303, 303-1, 349, 401, 410, 410-1, 503, 518, 650, 704, 706, 730, 909, 급행2, 동구1-1, 305, 405, 414, 414-1, 609, 840, 909, 990, 991, 북구2
Subway: Banwoldang Station (Gate 15), Jungangro Station (Gate 1)

Yangsyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine: http://dgom.daegu.go.kr/eng/
Official Webpage (Korean only): http://herb.daegu.go.kr/festival/
Inquiries: 1330 (general phone) / 02-1330 (cell-phone)

International Tea Festival Daegu 2012

Dates: May 17 – 20, 2012
Venue: Hall2, 1F, EXCO

Clorful Daegu Pre-Championships Meeting 2012

The Colorful Daegu Championships Meeting is being hosted as one of the fifteen prestigious IAAF World Challenge one-day invitational meetings. Through the Colorful Daegu Championships Meeting, we aspire to create a lasting athletics legacy in Korea and Asia. Additionally Daegu will provide the most conducive training and competition facilities for all athletes. Daegu is ready to warmly welcome all participants and guests to enjoy the greatest performance in athletics and to experience its rich history and culture.
Tickets for the IAAF World Championships Daegu 2012 went on sale March 28, the Organizing Committee said.

This year’s championships will see the participation of Asafa Powell, Dayron Robles, and Matthias de Zordo. The event is expected to gather about 200 world-class athletes and officials from 40 countries and feature 16 events, including the 100-meters for men and women. The championships will be broadcast live on KBS TV.

Date: 16 May 2012 (Wed), 18:40~21:30
Kawasaki meeting 6 May, Doha meeting 11 May, Shanghai meeting 19 May
Pre Event (18:10~18:40)Opening Ceremony (18:40~19:00)Competition (19:00~21:30)
Venue: Daegu Stadium
Tickets can be conveniently purchased through online and offline outlets. Log onto http://www.dg-athletics.or.kr/english for more information.

Dongseongro Korea Wave Festival

This festival is led mainly by the merchants' cooperative of Dongseongno Street in Jung-gu (District), Daegu. Dongseongno Street is the city's busiest street, always full of lively young people and gorgeous stores. Every May when the flags of all nations fly over the sky of Dongseongno, the Dongseongno Festival starts with the fanfare of a marching band. For the festival, special events such as Cheonwangmegigut (heaven worshipping ritual), Nalmoebukchum (drum dance) and many traditional folk games are performed along with pop concerts.

Visitors can have their portrait painted by a street artist on a corner of this street. They can enjoy the pleasure of thrift shopping at the stores offering big sales during this festival.

Date: May 18 -May20 2012

Colorful Daegu Culture Festival

Colorful Daegu Multicultural Festival’ has been held since 2009 to commemorate the ‘Together Day (May 20th)’ and to prepare the atmosphere of local society that respects multiculturalism while native and foreign people are communicating altogether.
Multicultural festival provides the Colorful Together Zone to install colorful booths for experiencing traditional culture & foods, life counseling, exhibition of multicultural paintings, and so on. Also various participation events are coming along during the festival such as talent contest of foreign residents, traditional folk performance, celebration show, ring the golden bell, etc. that all the native and foreign residents can enjoy together, Especially, it provides different experience chances for native people to help their understanding and interest of the multiculturalism.
Daegu has provided and promoting the multicultural policy leading the global era for about 26 thousand foreign residents, consisted with the marriage immigrants and foreign workers in the region, to lead happy lives as members of the local society.

Date: May 22, 2012
Venue: National Debt Indemnity Commemorative Park

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