Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[Daegu Festival] Review of Mountain Palgong Cherry Blossoms Festival

Mt. Palgong held the 4th Cherry Blossoms Festival from April 13 to 17.
When I got there on Fri, the first day of the festival, it was raining.
There were so many visitors who came to enjoy the bloom.

A number of people were gathered to watch Gakseori Taryeong (Korea’s Traditional Tramp Song and Dance). Gakseori means traditional tramps, who sang and danced their way through the impoverished streets of old time Korea.
Meanwhile there was a singing contest making people more excited.

The various foods were prepared as well.

There were lots of outdoor stores for famous local products representing each region in Korea.
Looking forward to next year’s festival already!

Bus: 403, 939, 849-1, 604, 849
From Daegongwon Subway Station gate5, take 849-1 or 939

1330tt call center: +82-53-1330 for more info: +82-53-1330
Take Bus 401 or Express Bus 1 (급행1) Get off at the entrance of Donghwasa Temple (동화사입구)

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