Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Daegu EXPO] The 10th Tour Expo Daegu Gyeongbuk

Daegu, the main city in Yeongnam region, hold the 10th Tour Expo Daegu Gyeongbuk with its outbound market potential.
The expo, which will contribute the internationalization of the tourist industry of Daegu, let so many people from all around the world attend the great event.
I visited the site on April 6 and will show you some pictures now.

The event was from April 6 to 9.
There were so many interesting things that captured my eyes.

It was the opening day.
I was lucky to watch the B-boying show, dance sport stage, ect. followed by ribbon-cutting ceremony.

I found our DaeguTravel booth right in front of the gate. :D
It provided tourist information such as Yangnyeongsi Medicine Festival, Daegu Musical Festival, Daegu Opera Fetival and National Sports Festival Daegu 2012.

There were so many booths promoting tourist attractions of each province of Korea.
Each booth showed the region’s character with various structures.

Not only the domestic promotion booths, but also international ones were set in line.

Regional products, foods and craft items were exhibited with all the experience zones.

We had no worry about the hunger when walked around~~
Because there was a food exhibition with diverse foods from all around the earth.
We had such an informative day and so much fun.
This is my thing really and I will look forward to the next tour expo in Daegu. :D

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