Tuesday, March 27, 2012

[Travel Healthy] Way to keep your health in spring travel season!

Warm sunshine and rascal spring breeze would tickle your chick.
It seems like everything in spring makes you want to go on a trip.
But you should be careful, because seasonal change can make level of immunity bound to drop when temperatures between day and night are significantly different.
Many people get cold or allergy from the trips at the change of seasons.
Let me introduce some ways so you can’t ruin your fun and health!

Clothes for outdoors!

As temperatures between day and night are different, do not forget to take overcoat!

Moderate alcohol consumption and moderate amounts of fluids!

One of the most important factors in taking a trip is trying the famous food of the region. And alcohol may take place too. But too much drinking would ruin the trip. Also, excessive alcohol drinking can lower the level of immunity by dehydration.
If you have a lot of outdoor activities, drink enough amount of water to avoid skin diseases and/or asthma by yellow dust.

Pieces of advice for those who feel unwell!

For those who are already suffering from colds or allergies, see doctor prior to trip. When traveling, consume some fruit and/or vitamin supplements. Taking enough sleep to minimize fatigability is important too.