Friday, March 30, 2012

[Shopping in Daegu] The scoop on some cheap places to go shopping in Daegu!

Spring Shopping Spree in Daegu!!

Spring is such a good season for shopping!
If you have no idea where to shop in Daegu please read my article below and get some info.^^


Lotte mall Esiapolis is one of the best life style centers in Korea.
It has CGV(theater), Restaurants, Cafes, Kids Theme Park, Flower Garden and Customer Lounge.
You will also find so many brands from luxury items to cheap stuff here.
It’s close to Bongmu Park and Mt. Palgong.

Bus: 101, 101-1, 401, 팔공(palgong)1, 급행(express)1
Address: 1545 Bongmu-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu 대구 동구 봉무동 1545

Color Square – Daegu Stadium Mall

The newly opened Daegu Stadium Mall with state of the art architectures functions as one of the fabulous fashion and culture complex malls in Daegu.

It has a huge grocery store, clothing shops, brand shops, CGV theatre, restaurants and beautiful walking paths.

Bus: 403, 939, 849-1, 604, 849
From Daegongwon Subway Station gate5, take 849-1 or 939


It’s a culture complex mall too.
Queensroad would be less crowded than the other ones above.

Subway: Gamsam Station
Address: 1136-164 Jungri-dong, Seogu, Daegu 대구 서구 중리동 1136-164
Bus: 202, 202-1, 402, 726, 750, 521

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